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Thanks for stopping by. Take a test drive of our product and answer some entirely stupid questions.

Okay, let's kick off with an easy one.

Do you mess with pineapple on pizza?

Your tastebuds are severely misguided. Get that trash outta here.

Correct answer. What a disgraceful combination

Do you like marmite?

The black stuff is truly godly

Try it again young padawan. With persistence comes results.

Your palette is not ready

You savage. Empower yourself in the way of the yeast.

You will thank us.

Star trek or star wars?

May the force be with you

I see you rock the spock.

I dig it

Who is the GOAT

Team blouse allll day

The gawd. Indisputable

Should people over the age of 11 be allowed to dab?

Highly questionable.

I am firmly in this camp. I'm looking at you Justin Trudeau

Go back to bed, grandad

When making tea, do you add the milk before the hot water, or after

You absolute animal. NO. Just no.

The only way to do it.

Not too strong and not too weak.

And the big one...drum roll.....

Do you think my product has the tiniest sliver of a chance of becoming successful?

😢 Feelings...hurt.

Ahhh, that's very nice of you to say.

Well done for getting to the end.

I hope this brightened your day, at least a tiny, teeny bit.

Thanks for playing, bye bye 👋